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Thoughts on reaching ever higher conversions and ease of use.
  1. The more design experiments that you can run, the more likely you are to identify new insights with positive effects that you could benefit from on your site (unless all of your tests flop of course, which is rather unlikely). Stated in another way, if you don’t test, it’s a given that you will not […]
  2. Continuing to measure the performance of our patterns as started in Q1 of this year, here is the follow up Q2 report. As a reminder we’re trying to do better than 50/50 (win/lose) and we have managed to score a 60/40 win rate in this quarter based on 15 a/b tests. Question 1: Can Conversion […]
  3. Chances are that some of your recommended UI changes will lead to improvements while others will simply make things worse. In my own line of work, I also wish to get better at predicting and launching winning tests. Therefore, in Q1 of 2017 we started using conversion patterns as a core tool to increase our […]
  4. I think Invisionapp.com, an amazing collaboration platform for designers, can do a better job in terms of collecting more signups on their long homepage. I’m openly challenging the very bottom of their homepage which contains a set of horizontally aligned form fields. I think that the form fields could apply the Natural Language Forms pattern […]
  5. Conversion rate optimization projects need to be sold before any work can begin – obviously. Some time ago we started using the following email template to close sales, which I wanted to share. I think it’s successful because it frames the project as an investment within a range of possible outcomes. Getting To Know The […]