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Panda koji se smara, u slobodnom prevodu :) Jedan od poznatih uvek zanimljiv. 
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  1. It's no secret that people love carrying famous logos around on their clothes, shoes, bags, and more. But what if those corporate symbols we all know and love came in a shinier, more lethal handheld form?
  2. If you want to lose some weight, this story will definitely inspire you to tackle those excess pounds Rocky-style. Esbeidy Barrera was unhappy with her body, so she decided to make a change and hasn't looked back ever since.
  3. Chinese artist Luo Li Rong creates life-size bronze sculptures of women inspired by Renaissance and Baroque sculpting techniques.
  4. For many Americans, working non-stop with little to no vacation is just a fact of life. One restaurant in Bakersfield, California, however, is breaking that rigid mold with a heartwarming policy that has now gone viral.
  5. When it comes to discussing sensitive issues like rape and sexual consent, Twitter is often the most disastrous forum of them all. When a girl began arguing with a nursing student over the difference between rape and regretting a sexual encounter, one user had the perfect comeback to sum up her logic - or lack thereof.